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At our divorce law firm, we work with individuals every day who are facing marriage separation. We understand what a difficult time this can be emotionally as you face the loss of a marriage and face a new future. Whether you have children, you’ve been dependent on your spouse financially through your marriage, or you and your spouse have business and commercial holdings together, the uncertainty of your future looms large.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a divorce alone, nor do you need to worry about financial insecurity or providing for your family. Our team of Morehead City divorce lawyers have experience in all aspects of the divorce process from creating a separation agreement that protects you during the one year required separation period to legal representation during the negotiation and litigation process. We serve our clients throughout Carteret County with compassion and are focused on helping you identifying your goals and creating a personalized legal strategy that allows you to move into your new future with confidence and security.

Services Offered By Our Divorce Law Firm

Just like every relationship is different, so is every divorce. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services and areas of expertise, so we can provide you with comprehensive representation to ensure you have the best outcome. Our services include:

Absolute, or “Simple Divorce”

Absolute divorce is more commonly known as simple divorce. Like its name suggests, simple divorce is an uncontested option that often can be done quickly by our divorce attorneys and without requiring either party to enter a courtroom.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an amicable alternative to divorce in which both parties and their divorce lawyers agree to working out the terms of the divorce on their own terms, without the need to involve a judge or requiring a trial.

High Net Worth Divorce

When couples have complex marital assets, including shared businesses, rental property, and multiple joint investment and bank accounts, having an experienced attorney in Morehead City who is familiar with high net worth divorce is a necessity.

Division of Pensions and Retirement Accounts

Many people believe that pensions and 401(k)s are separate property, but in most cases, they are part of the marital assets. We know you’ve worked hard to ensure a secure future, and we’ll help you protect it with our services and experiences related to dividing pensions and retirement accounts in your divorce.

Post Separation Support & Alimony

Whether you are seeking alimony or are opposing it, we will fight on your behalf to help you achieve the best outcome for your future finances.

Property Distribution

During your marriage, you and your spouse created an estate together, whether that includes a house, vehicles, or savings. We’ll make sure that the property division is fair and equitable and factors in your unique circumstances so you can begin your new future with confidence.

Separation Agreements

In North Carolina, a couple must be living separately for 12 consecutive months in order to divorce. During this time, it’s important to protect your assets and come to agreements related to property and child custody. We’ll help you negotiate a separation agreement that will protect you until your divorce can be finalized.

Customer Reviews

  • Irons & Irons P.A. helped me both start the process and also finalize my divorce. It was a difficult time but they helped me through every step. Whenever I called or emailed, they responded quickly and with the answers I needed. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Morehead City, I recommend contacting Irons & Irons.

    Leslie Stratton

  • My experience with attorney, Gib Irons, was excellent. I always felt that my case was very important to him. He always responded quickly to my messages. When my spouse was not prompt about responding, he was quick to intervene. He made a very stressful situation less so for me. I thought he was very well versed in divorce law and had sound advice to give me. He also seems to really enjoy his work and has a positive can-do attitude. Very professional and well worth the money I spent. I am a believer in outsourcing to an experienced professional.

    Robert Bates

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We know that facing a divorce is overwhelming and stressful. However it’s important to not go through this process alone. Having an experienced divorce attorney working on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected and you receive everything you deserve will make sure you are prepared for the future. To schedule an initial consultation, please give us call 252-585-5150 or you are also welcome to contact us by using the form below.

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