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Family law is the division of law that addresses all aspects of family relationships. This includes issues related to child custody, child support, guardianship, and divorce. There is no other legal practice area that is as personal or as challenging as this one due to the emotions involved. That’s why it’s so important that, in legal issues related to your family, you work with an experienced family law attorney with the skills and knowledge to provide personalized, skillful representation.

Led by family law attorney Gib Irons, the team offers comprehensive legal representation that provides our clients with the assistance and counsel necessary to achieve the best outcomes related to your case. We’ll help you identify your goals, understand your option, and provide you with peace of mind and confidence, knowing your case is in the hands of experts who are creating a personalized strategy on your behalf.

Our Family Law Firm Provides Comprehensive Services

Our Carteret County law firm works to provide representation for virtually every facet of family law. From simple divorce and separation agreements to complex high net worth divorce and child custody cases, we have the knowledge and expertise to fight successfully on your behalf.

Absolute, or Simple Divorce

Absolute or simple divorce is an uncontested divorce granted in North Carolina. Like the name suggests, this is often a simple process that can be completed within 60 days without either party having to enter a courtroom.

Child Custody

If you are seeking to gain child support or oppose a request for child support, our team is well-versed in North Carolina child custody law and will protect your rights as a parent.

Child Custody Modification

When your circumstances change, such as employment status or you move away from Morehead City, and you would like to file for child custody modification, we’re here to help.

Child Support

Determining child support can be complicated, but with our representation, we can get a clear picture of the variables such as health insurance, income, and custody arrangements to get you a support amount that is fair.

Collaborative Family Law

Our collaborative family law experience allows you and your partner to separate amicably, agreeing to terms and negotiating mutually beneficial solutions without worrying about a long court case or a judge decreeing a settlement.

Division of Pensions, 401(K)s, and Retirement

It’s a common misconception that retirement accounts are separate holdings, and not part of the marital estate. Learn how to we will help you protect the future you’ve worked hard to secure through our division of pensions, 401(k)s, and retirement services.

Family Visitation

From changing custody and family visitation to requesting supervision, we will help you set up the ideal visitation schedule that protects your rights and allows you to maintain a strong bond with your child.

Grandparents’ Rights

In the event that both parents are unfit or found to be unsuitable, a third party, such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle may be granted custody. While grandparents’ rights are complicated, we will help you secure custody if a child in your family is in an unsafe situation.

High Net Worth Divorce

In the case of high net worth divorce, in which you and your spouse have built a business together, own rental property, or even have multiple joint bank accounts, our family law attorneys can help you navigate your divorce and help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Post Separation Support & Alimony

Whether you are seeking alimony or you are opposing it, we will fight on your behalf to safeguard your future and look out for your financial needs.

Property Distribution

We will help you get what’s rightfully yours during the property distribution aspect of your divorce, making sure the court is aware of factors that could affect an equitable separation of marital assets.

Separation Agreement

North Carolina law stipulates that a couple must reside separately for one year prior to divorcing. We’ll help you protect yourself and your parental rights with a separation agreement that looks out for your interests.

Customer Reviews

  • My ex decided he wanted to move to a different state and take our kids with him, even though we had joint custody. I was terrified I was going to lose my kids! A friend of mine went to Irons & Irons for her divorce so I went to them for help. My attorney was incredible - he was reassuring, patient, and anytime I had a question, I could call and he'd be right there to answer. In court, he fought for me to keep my kids from leaving the state, and we got a child custody modification that gave me primary custody and my ex got visitation where he had to come back to the state to see them. I was thrilled with the outcome!

    Emma Jenkins

What Sets Our Family Law Firm Apart

With decades of combined experience at our Morehead City family law Firm, we have amassed tremendous knowledge of North Carolina family legal issues. But more importantly, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to representing our clients simply doesn’t work. That’s why we focus on providing a personalized legal strategy to every single case.

We get to know you and take our time to get total clarity on the case, whether that’s doing a deep dive into the complex financial situation of a high net worth divorce or learning about your children’s needs during a custody battle. In order to provide these tailored legal solutions, we know we need to serve our clients with individualized attention, regular meetings, and frequent access.

Morehead City Family Law Legal Representation for You

When you are facing a divorce or family law matter, you need to know that your rights are being protected and that the choices you are making will leave you well situated for the future. To schedule an initial consultation, please give us call 252-585-5150 or fill out the easy-to-use form below. The attorneys at Irons & Irons P.A. look forward to helping you seek justice for your case.

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