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When a couple separates, the issue of child custody is one of the most difficult issues both parents face.  Both parents want what is best for their child and they each have set values and beliefs related to how their child should be raised. Most of all, no parent wants to sacrifice time with their child. Often, these strong emotions as well as fighting and resentment between the couple can turn child custody cases into drawn out, traumatic issues for everyone involved, especially the children.  

Fortunately, child custody cases don’t have to be this way. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to helping parents achieve their goals and create a custody agreement that is beneficial to everyone involved, especially the children.  

Understanding Child Custody in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions related to a dependent’s healthcare, education, religion, and other major issues. Most parents have joint legal custody, meaning both parents can make those decisions or must work together to agree on a decision. In rare cases, legal custody can be revoked or sole custody is granted to one parent or a guardian, though this tends to be in extreme cases of neglect, abuse, addiction, or if a parent is in prison.   

Physical custody is what most people think of when it comes to custody agreements and it refers to which parent or guardian the child lives with and relates to visitation rights. Parents can create their own custody agreement that works best for everyone or, if they can’t agree, the court will determine custody. Often, one parent will have primary physical custody while the other parent will be designated as the secondary physical parent and they will have a set visitation schedule, though equal or joint custody is becoming more common.

Not only does the physical custody arrangement cover where the child lives and who is the primary guardian, it also determines how child support is calculated. The more time the primary physical custodian has with the child, the higher the child support ratio is in most situations.

Creating a Comprehensive Custody Arrangement

In addition to creating a general custody arrangement, whether it’s one week with one parent, one week with the other or every other weekend with the secondary physical parent, it’s important to create a comprehensive legal and physical custody agreement that includes: 

  • Holiday schedules; 
  • Transportation to and from parents’ homes;
  • Transportation related to school and extracurriculars;
  • How medical and school decisions will be determined;
  • Religious instruction or exposure;
  • Access to school and medical records;

The agreement can also include things that may seem “minor,” such as when a child can get a phone, take part in sports, and avoiding criticizing the other to or around the child. 

Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney

Even in the best case scenario, when you and your spouse are on excellent terms and have a clear agreement on how you would like to share custody, it’s still important to have an attorney working on your side. First, an experienced family law attorney can draft a clear, comprehensive, legal agreement that is ready to sign by both parties and approved by a judge. In cases where there are disagreements but a willingness to work together, mediation or collaboration between both couples and their attorneys can be an ideal way to create a mutually beneficial custody arrangement. 

In the case where one side or neither side is willing to come to the table, you’ll need an experienced child custody attorney to advocate for you in court. While litigation can be a difficult experience, having dedicated legal representation on your side can help you and your family achieve a favorable outcome. 

A Family Law Firm with Your Best Interests in Mind

We will work with you to determine your goals regarding your child custody case and fight on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the arrangement that best suits your needs and fulfills your goals. Our divorce lawyers understand that no two custody cases are the same, and while we apply our extensive experience and knowledge to each case, we provide a personalized, tailored strategy to your custody case.

As part of creating and following through on a comprehensive, personalized legal strategy, we take care to limit the number of cases we take. We take pride in offering our clients the attention and time they deserve. Your family lawyer will take care to know you and your children so we can craft the best custody arrangement for you and your family’s needs. and we know that if we are taking every case that comes our way, we can’t do that.

Customer Reviews

  • I hire Irons & Irons to gain 50/50 custody of my kids and I'm so grateful that I did. Nothing is more stressful than the thought of not being present for your children. The support and communication I received from attorney Irons as we navigated to the court date, was unprecedented. On the day of the trial, Gib and his team went far beyond my expectations. They combed through hundreds of documents and a complex timeline that ultimately won me the custody that I deserved. If you are looking for expert representation for your custody battle, look no further than Irons & Irons.

  • After I got a new job, I knew the custody arrangement the courts decided just wouldn't work anymore. I went to Irons & Irons because I didn't know how to seek changes on my own. Fortunately, my attorney really looked at what was best for me and my children and put in a modification request that took into account my schedule changes that was quickly and easily granted. If I'd tried to do this on my own, I know it would have been stressful and probably unsuccessful, so I'm so grateful to everyone there for their help and support!

    Christine Miller

  • When it came to my divorce, I was most worried about child custody. My ex wasn't an attentive father, and I had a lot of concerns about my son's well-being if he was alone with him. I went to Irons & Irons, and they truly listened and understood my concerns. They answered all my questions, walked me through the entire process, and when it was time for court, they fought for supervised visits. I got the peace of mind I needed while my son still gets to visit with his dad.

    Gina Hilbert

  • As a dad, I was worried about my rights to custody in my divorce. I wanted joint custody so I could be an involved parent instead of the typical every other weekend arrangement. I had so many people tell me it wasn't going to happen, but I went to Irons & Irons for help. My lawyer took a close look at my case and helped me get the joint custody I wanted. I'm so thankful to Irons & Irons for helping me get to be with my kids!

    Casey Lofton

Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer to Advocate for You

At Irons & Irons, P.A., we know your children are your top priority. In order to achieve the ideal outcome for your case, you need a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer in Morehead City to represent you. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind during the stress and pain of a difficult custody battle by reassuring you that your case is in skilled hands. Our family law attorneys are here to offer you a positive resolution and secure the right custody arrangement, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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