Child Custody Modifications in Morehead City, NC

Working with a Morehead City Family Law Attorney for Custody Modifications

Creating the best child custody schedule to best suit your children and your own needs can be difficult and complicated. It’s even more difficult in the case of an acrimonious separation. While it is intended by the family law attorneys and judges to draw up a custody and visitation schedule that will last for years, circumstances do change, both for parents and children.

In the event that you are seeking or opposing a child custody modification, you need an experienced family lawyer in Morehead City who can act on your behalf. We are dedicated to working with you to help you achieve your goals and act in the best interest of both you and your children.

Common Reasons for Child Custody Modifications

Even minor changes in visitation scheduling must be documented in the courts. In order to get child custody arrangements modified, one parent or guardian has to show that there is a substantial change of circumstances that directly affect the child’s welfare since the original decree was entered into part of the divorce agreement. Issues that can lead to a modified custody arrangement include:

  • One parent’s work schedule or employment status has changed
  • Changes to a child’s school or extracurricular activity schedule
  • One parent has relocated away from Morehead City (either due to work or for personal reasons)
  • One parent is unable to provide suitable care or a safe environment for a minor child due to inappropriate housing, alcohol or drug use, or incarceration
  • Abuse or neglect of the child

A Family Law Attorney to Represent You In Out of State Custody Actions

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to relocate from state to state in order to find better opportunities for themselves and their children. While moving states can lead to improved circumstances for one parent, it can create complex challenges related to custody arrangements and resolving custody disputes.

Not only does the physical difference between two parents make it challenging to successfully co-parent, but state laws vary and can affect the outcome of a case.

To prevent parents from moving to a different state solely because of custody laws that are more beneficial to their circumstances, North Carolina adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). North Carolina, along with 48 other states in order to determine the most appropriate location for child custody locations. The UCCJEA stipulates that an original child custody resolution should be determined in the child’s home state or the state where they have lived for six straight months before the custody case begins. If there isn’t a home state that meets the guidelines of the law, a custody determination may be made by a state where the child and at least one parent has a significant connection or where substantial evidence exists regarding  the child’s care, protection, education, and personal relationships.

Our family law firm in Morehead City is well-versed in issues related to UCCJEA. Even in cases that cross state lines, we’ll help you get the best outcome and ensure your rights as a parent are protected while also acting in the best interests of your child.

Family Law Attorneys Advocating for You

At Irons & Irons, P.A., we understand the importance of child custody modification cases, knowing the extent these decisions can affect both you and your children’s well-being. That’s why we are passionate about working on your behalf and delivering the best results for our clients by offering personalized legal counsel.

Our child custody lawyers offer skilled representation to illustrate how a child custody modification is or is not beneficial to the child. We offer parents peace of mind and a relief from stress regarding the complex issues related to custody law.  that can help people by presenting a persuasive case that clearly illustrates why a modification is needed or should be denied. We offer parents in such difficult situations peace of mind that their matters are receiving the fullest attention from a skilled advocate.

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