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While some divorce ends in acrimonious child custody and child support battles, there is a growing trend of couples seeking a collaborative divorce that allows them to settle the terms of the divorce without setting foot inside a courtroom. Our Morehead City family law firm works with families who are looking for that alternative dispute resolution in order to achieve a more peaceful, amicable experience.

Understanding Collaborative Family Law

Rather than going to court and having a judge settle the terms of a divorce, including property distribution and child custody, in a collaborative divorce, all of those terms are settled by the couple with the assistance of their attorneys. Both parties retain lawyers trained in collaborative law and sign an agreement declaring they will not go to court to settle the divorce. If they can’t achieve a resolution outside a courtroom, the lawyers will resign and new lawyers will be retained in order to move forward with a traditional divorce within a North Carolina court.

Both parties and their attorneys are motivated to seek a quick, fair resolution that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Instead of bitter arguments and nit-picking through the minutiae of property, both parties cooperate openly and honestly. The attorneys are there to advise their clients about their best interests, but everyone is focused on working together.

During a collaborative divorce, the couple negotiate and agree to terms related to alimony, child support, child custody, and property distribution, rather than letting a judge set those terms.

Benefits of Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative divorce in Morehead City is a much simpler process than traditional divorce with multiple benefits, especially for couples with children.

Less Time

Not only do you avoid having to schedule court dates, but the process over all is significantly shorter. Aside from the processing period and the negotiation meetings, it’s a brief experience, often taking only about one-quarter of the time of a traditional divorce.

Less Expensive

Where the law is concerned, faster processes mean fewer costs. In a collaborative divorce, the couple don’t have to pay court fees, and the lawyer fees are often much lower, too.

Healthier Outcome

While divorce is never a simple or easy experience, the outcome of a collaborative divorce is often much more successful. Both parties enter into the process looking for a peaceful, mutually beneficial arrangement without fighting or bitterness. This is a much more friendly, dignified experience and, even better, assets are divided more equitably.

Not only is this better for the couple, it’s better for the children who see their parents working together, even when they are separate.

An Empowering Experience

Instead of a Carteret County judge determining how property is distributed and who gets primary custody of the children, both parties can make that decision together. By determining what works best for both parties and their children, it’s a more empowering experience than being at the whim of a judge who doesn’t know your family dynamic.

Third-Party Assistance

Our collaborative family law attorneys often work with outside professionals to help our clients. We often have child specialists work with the couples’ children to get their input and determine their needs, and then that specialist can discuss his or her findings with the couple during the negotiation process. Financial planners work with the couples to provide a clear look at assets and provide guidance and planning tips for the couple so they can both achieve success moving forward.

Working with an Experienced Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Attorney Gib Irons is an active member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Eastern Carolina and strives to provide the best representation for his clients in Morehead City and the surrounding area. He, and the reset of the family law firm is committed to helping people avoid the difficulties of traditional divorce while still achieving their goals and having the resources necessary to move forward with confidence into a new future. Collaborative divorce is an excellent solution to help couples move forward gracefully, with minimal stress and conflict.

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