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Prescription medication is often necessary to recover from illness, manage pain, and keep chronic conditions under control. These medications allow millions of people to live healthy, fulfilling lives. However, if medication is manufactured, administered, or prescribed incorrectly, it can cause serious, long-term injury, which is why we rely on manufacturers, healthcare providers, and pharmacists to act responsibly and ensure safety. If you or a loved one was administered an incorrect medication, had a severe reaction that was avoidable, or took medication that was compromised or defective, you may be eligible for compensation for your injury. Attorney Harry H. Albritton, Jr. is a pharmaceutical malpractice attorney with the experience and dedication necessary to fight insurance companies, bring the truth to light regarding your case, and help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Malpractice in North Carolina

Pharmaceutical malpractice is a type of medical malpractice, occurring when a patient experiences a serious injury, illness, or reaction caused specifically by a medication or pharmaceutical product. Not all reactions or injuries from a medication are due to malpractice as many prescriptions and medical treatments do include risks and side effects, some of which can be serious.

What makes a reaction or injury fall under malpractice, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, is when a “preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the healthcare professional, patient, or consumer.”¬†This definition is broad, which is why it’s important to discuss the issue of your case with an experienced attorney who can determine if negligence was a factor and who is at fault for your injury.

Common Examples of Pharmaceutical Malpractice

  • Administering the incorrect medication or wrong dosage;
  • Healthcare professional didn’t read the patient’s medical file or history to determine if a harmful interaction could take place;
  • Filling a prescription with the wrong medication or wrong dosage;
  • Improper amount of anesthesia;
  • Defect in the prescription drug, including manufacturing error or marketing defect.
  • Over-administering or over-prescribing opioids, leading to addiction

Statute of Limitations

If you believe you were the victim of pharmaceutical malpractice, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. There is a three year statute of limitations on claiming pharmaceutical malpractice, meaning you only have three years from the date the incident occurred. You may be granted an extension of an additional year to file a claim if the injury wasn’t determined for a long period after the original incident. Also, the sooner you move forward to speak with an attorney, the fresher the details will be in your mind and those of potential witnesses.

Why You Need a Pharmaceutical Malpractice Attorney

Pharmaceutical malpractice is a complex area of the law and there are several variables that must be in place to determine malpractice. Additionally, insurance companies and medical center legal and administrative teams are often more concerned about profits and reputation over patient care and accountability so going against them alone is not in your best interests. Even in clear cases of malpractice or negligence, you still need an attorney to go up against insurance companies looking to save money rather than ensure fairness and justice.

With Attorney Harry H. Albritton, Jr. fighting on your behalf and advocating for a fair settlement, you can feel confident that your case is in capable hands. We have a track record of success in securing settlements and holding those at fault accountable for their actions and we are dedicated to fighting for you.

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