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If you or a loved one were injured due to dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, reach out to our slip and fall lawyer in Morehead City, NC as you may be entitled to compensation. Harry H. Albritton, Jr., is an experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyer and will fight on your behalf to get justice. Because we understand the pain and suffering you’re facing, we only accept fees after we have helped you secure compensation.   

Slip and Fall Accidents Explained

There is a reasonable expectation of safety when you are on someone’s property, whether it’s a commercial, municipal, or residential location. If you are injured because the property did not meet a reasonable standard of safety and care for visitors, the person or organization responsible for the property may be held liable to pay for damages.

Understanding Premises Liability Law

For clarity, cases caused by an injury that occurred on unsafe property falls under premises liability. In North Carolina, this means that the owner or occupier of a property (such as a tenant or caretaker) is responsible for maintaining the premises so that there are no conditions that could lead to an injury to someone who is reasonably on the property. This could include clearing ice from a walkway so mail carriers and delivery people won’t slip, putting out wet floor signs around the entrance of a grocery store if it’s raining outside, or placing “beware of dog” signs around a fence.

Lack of awareness of unsafe conditions does not count as a defense to liability. The occupier or owner may be responsible for any hazard they knew about or would have reasonably known of if they inspected the premises on a regular basis. 

Common Occurrences of Slip and Fall Accidents

While a slip and fall injury can happen anywhere, the most common locations for them include:

  • Grocery and retail stores 
  • Restaurants
  • Public restrooms where water has splashed on the floor;
  • Entryways and stairwells of office buildings and multi-family dwellings;
  • Construction sites
  • Sidewalks, walkways, and driveways of private residences;

Injuries from these cases often include broken bones, sprains, spinal cord injuries, or even traumatic brain injuries that can lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages, and long-term disability.

Why You Need a Morehead City Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you’ve been injured due to slipping, tripping, or another injury on someone’s property, having experienced legal representation is key to negotiating with insurance companies and helping you secure a better outcome. Attorney Harry H. Albritton Jr. has worked with a wide variety of clients and has a reputation for success with outcomes including:   

  • $225,500 to a woman whose hip was injured after tripping over a poorly design display while she was at a large retail store
  • $115,000 settlement for a woman who slipped on water outside a bathroom in a restaurant
  • $77,500 to a client who fell out of her wheelchair while she was descending a ramp that was not in proper compliance with the building codes
  • $50,000 to an elderly woman who slipped on water that was coming from a leaky ice machine in a chain restaurant

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